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Easeus data recovery wizard full version free download || how to recover data from formatted hard disk || how to recover deleted files in windows

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 
  • Non-destructive data recovery software for deleted, formatted and partition recovery
  • Read-only, risk-free and cost-effective Windows data recovery software
  • Recover all the file formats, including documents, emails, photos, videos and more
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does an amazing job on format recoveryunformatdeleted files recovery or lost data due to partition loss or damage, software crash, virus infection, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown reasons when the data loss disaster strikes, especially when you want to recover data from formatted drive. It provides the most comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users to recover lost data.

But Today it's totally free for you guys!!

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file on your computer, removed a file from your jump drive or even formatted a camera memory card? Or maybe you can’t find your music collection after a system crash or a malware infection compromised your hard drive? Fortunately, the lost files and folders can often be recovered by using the Easeus data recovery wizard.

Let's see how its works?

When you delete a file on your computer the first place it goes is to the recycle bin. Emptying the recycle bin makes the file far less accessible, but doesn't actually remove it. What really happens behind the scenes when you “delete” a file is that the computer’s file system removes the path to access that file, and designates the space that the file is using as being available for future use when needed. The ones and zeros that make up the file are still there on your computer, hidden until they are overwritten with another file. Parts of the file may stay on your hard drive for years, while other traces may be replaced within hours.

This is the most important step 
After data loss, please stop using the bad drive any more. And do not waste time and money on other software, immediately download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, save and then install it on a drive other than the one on which your files were lost. Also don't do any file operations on that drive, like copy, cut, paste, delete etc.When we do so the raw files in the disk would be overwritten by new files. So the best practice is to just leave the hard disk alone.

Steps to recover data using EaseUs Recovery  

   1.Download the software

                       Click here to download  

                      2.Run the software.This is pre activated full version.

           3.Now things are really easy. EaseUs did a great job, they mad it very easy and user friendly.Select the type of recovery and move to next step.The time taking is depend on the size of the recovery media u selected. Always it would be nearly 1-2 hour.

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