Tuesday, 26 February 2013

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 Have you ever faced this problem ?

Well, here is the final solution for you. There are so many solutions 
available in  the internet. But either majority of them are not pretty 
working or after installing those things windows goes freeze. Okay let's  
start the procedure. Here i am explaining a new method to activate 
any version of windows 7, with simple steps without any confusions!!
I hope it would be the simplest windows activating method and still the 
100% working  one.

All you need is two things 

1) Microsoft framework version 4.0 ( File size: 48 MB)

{{  Framework  4.0 is an essential to run this tool, otherwise without installing framework an error message will pope up like the below pic:


2) Activating tool  (File size: 8 MB)

The very first step is disabling the antivirus software temporally, otherwise it won't work,

Antivirus will always detect this as a false positive because this tool will access the core 

module of the windows operating system.. I hope now you have the above mentioned 

tools , framework and activating tool

Let's do it by step by step:

First install the framework on your computer

Now type cmd in the startmenu 

Right click on the cmd

select Run as administrator

(See the picture for more info)

Type the following command in the cmd 

sfc -scannow

After completing the scan we can proceed to the next step:

Run  the HALEXE tool you downloaded earlier 

Click install:

Done that it! so simple, isn't it?

Restart your computer and see the magic:):)

Hope you understand this, even if any doubts feel free to  ask here..


Also downloads are provided here is linked with Mega,  So download speed would be slow because of the high privacy settings of the mega team..

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